Little Sauceys:

Made with a little grilling, a little sauce, and a lot of love - our little Saucey Sliders are the heart and soul of our kitchen. Served with a side of Saucey Slaw or Sauced-up Chips, we invite you to try any of our pre-built combinations or to build your own custom slider from your favorite combinations!

Saucey Classic Chicken or Beef

Slow-cooked shredded steak or chicken served on grilled slider bun and topped with grilled white onions and melty jack cheese - all drizzled in Saucey Sauce and our homemade Garlic Love aioli.

Firebird  *Spicy

Saucey’s fire-roasted poblano chicken topped with roasted red bell peppers, smoked Gouda, saucy slaw,, and our homemade Chipotle Fatty and Spicy Fire sauces.

Drippin Smoked BBQ

Slow-cooked shredded steak or chicken slathered in a smokey hickory BBQ sauce and served on a grilled roll topped with melted jack cheese, saucey slaw, fried onion crisps and a fresh cilantro garnish

Blue Buffalo *Spicy

Saucey’s slow-cooked chicken topped with buffalo sauce and fresh blue cheese crumbles - all topped in saucey slaw with a green onion garnish and a drizzle of our blue buffalo sauce.

Korean BBQ  *Spicy Upon Request

A Korean-inspired slow roasted pulled pork cooked in a sesame pear sauce and

served on a grilled roll with a topping of saucy slaw, ginger teriyaki, and fresh cilantro.

Tzatziki Falafel or Chicken *Spicy Upon Request *Vegan upon request

Saucey’s homemade falafel(ish) patties or shredded chicken served with saucey slaw,

fresh cucumber slices, green onion, and cilantro, all on a grilled slider bun and coated in our

homemade Garlic Love aioli and either our homemade lemon dill or spicy hot tzatzekis

Beefy Blue

Saucey’s shredded steak topped with grilled onions, blue cheese crumbles

and saucey slaw all topped in Garlic Love aoili and a creamy blue cheese sauce


Tacos Del Gringo

Offering a unique twist of a food truck favorite, Saucey's tacos come in variety of unique flavors and most are served with a topping of cheese, cabbage, fresh green onions, and cilantro unless otherwise requested. Try any of our sauced-up styles below or request any of your favorite sauces instead!

- Saucey Steakhouse               

- Saucey Chicken

- Chipotle Chicken  *Spicy

- Beefy BBQ

- Korean BBQ    *Spicy Upon Request         

- Teriyaki Chicken

- Teriyaki Chicken

- Blue Buffalo     *Spicy                          

- BBQ Corn & Black Bean

- Creamy Cilantro Corn *Vegan upon request 

- Chipotle Corn & Black Bean  *Vegan upon request

- Sriracha Seared Cabbage *Vegan upon request  

Grilled Falafel-ish Cakes:  *Spicy Upon Request  *Vegan upon request

Not your ordinary falafel, saucy's homemade falafel patties are made with a pan-roasted garlic and onion saute, loads of fresh parsley, and a flavorful blend of herbs - all grill seared to have a golden outside and soft rich interior. Then, top it all off with our homemade tzatziki or any other 2 sauces 

Saucey Sides & Nachos: *Spicy Upon Request  *Vegan upon request

Sauced Up Chips - chips topped in layers of your favorite sauces topped with green onion and cilantro

Saucey Slaw - A dry cabbage slaw topped in your choice of any of our sauces with fresh green onion and cilantro garnish

Fritter Chips - Saucey's Sauced Up Chips topped with a melty grilled cheese fritter, corn, black bean, and fresh herbs

Veggie Fritter Chips Saucey's Sauced Up Chips topped with a melty grilled cheese fritter

Epic Fritter Chips - Saucey's fritter chips with an added layer of either grilled chicken, pork, or steak.

Kids & Picky People Menu

Saucey's kids and picky people options are served with a side of chips or apple sauce. Most toppings and sauce are added by request only for these items

Little Cheesy : A grilled cheese on a slider bun - sauce and slaw optional. 

 -Add chicken +$0.75 .   -Add beef +$1.25  -Add Corn & black bean +$0.25

Mini Queso: 3 small corn quesadillas - sauce optional.  

 -Add chicken +$0.75 .   -Add beef +$1.25  -Add Corn & black bean +$0.25

Saucey's Sauces

Saucey "Steak" Sauce: A unique savory soy sauce based "steak" sauce - goes amazing on just about anything!

Garlic Love: A homemade aioli sauce made with loads of fire roasted garlic

Creamy Cilantro: A fresh blend of green onion, cilantro, a little pepper, and lime in sour cream sauce

Chipotle Fatty Sauce: A chipotle, adobo, and roasted garlic aioli

Fire Sauce: Saucey's Chipotle Fatty Sauce with an added kick of fresh jalapino peppers

Smoked BBQ: A sweat and flavorful hickory smoked barbecue sauce

Teriyaki: Made with brown sugar, soy sauce, fresh ginger, garlic, and toasted sesame seed oil

Lemon Dill Tzetziki: A creamy homemade  yogurt-cucumber sauce seasoned with fresh dill, garlic, and lemon juice

Spicy Tzetziki: Our homemade yogurt and cucumber sauce made with fresh garlic and spicy hot habanero peppers 

Blue Cheese Dressing: A rich and delicious creamy blue cheese dressing

Buffalo Sauce: Classic Franks Red Hot buffalo sauce

Siracha: An asian foods classic, Siracha is a spicy tomato garlic hot sauce.

Creamy Sweet Honey Siracha: An sweet homemade variation that combines Siracha and honey with a creamy aioli sauce

Vegan Sauce Options (Used Upon Request Only)

- Vegan Chipotle Fatty Sauce        -Vegan Creamy Cilantro Sauce         -Teriyaki

-Saucey Sauce        -Spicy Sweet Agave Sriracha        -Reds Buffalo          -Sriracha

Still need more sauce in your life?

Check our diverse selection of hot sauces located in the basket near the end of whipsaw's bar counter!

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